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Learn about the types of WooCommerce products and the differences between them

In order to set up a suitable online shop for your visitors and customers, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the various types of products available. Knowing the nuances and characteristics of each product type is key to selecting the right product categories and optimizing your shop’s functionality.

Types of Products

Types of WooCommerce Products WooCommerce offers four different types of product categories that are optimized for shop management and provide you with the features you need for each unique product. These are:

1.1. Simple Product

This type of product can be set for different products that you add to your online shop, such as books, software, or clothing that can be shipped or downloaded. It also includes two options: virtual products that do not require shipping costs, and downloadable products that allow the buyer to download a file after purchase, such as e-books.

Simple product

1.2. Grouped Product

If a WooCommerce product can be sold separately or as a group, such as selling computer accessories like mice, keyboards, or speakers, then the grouped product is the right option. The customer can buy either a single product or a group of products to complete all the accessories for their device. This is important if you want to improve the sales of your shop and recommend other products. To add this type of product, you need to define the product first and then add the products associated with it.

Grouped product

1.3. External/Affiliate Product

This type of WooCommerce product is suitable if you want to add a product from another shop as an affiliate product that you do not own and cannot ship to the buyer. This is called affiliate marketing. WooCommerce already has a preset for this type of product, which allows you to add your affiliate links to the product and track the purchases you make.

External Affiliate Product

1.4. Variable Product

One of the WooCommerce product types that allows you to add different products that can vary in size, color, pattern, or other characteristics. You can add these features in the form of attributes so that the customer can select the desired product.

Variable Product

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