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What’s GDPR and your duties as a business owner to comply with it?

The GDPR, European General Data Protection Regulation

is a set of laws that govern the collection, use, storage, and processing of user data that was introduced in 2016. It applies to any website or online store that gets visitors or customers from European Union countries, even if they are not physically located in Europe. The law imposes penalties on websites that violate the terms related to dealing with user data, up to $20 million in fines or 4% of profits for a full year. Personal data such as gender, name, religious beliefs, opinions, and web cookies are controlled under the GDPR, and website owners must deal with this data transparently and confidentially in an encrypted environment. Users must be given the full right to handle their own data.

What is your role as a website or online store owner?

If your website targets people within the European Union, intentionally or unintentionally, you must abide by the GDPR law. As a website owner, you need to create a privacy policy page that indicates all data collected from visitors to the site and the legal reasons for collecting it. You must also ensure that any software associated with the site, such as Google Analytics, is compliant with GDPR regulations. It is important to clarify the cookies used on the site and give users the option to opt-out of having their cookies tracked. In addition, installing an SSL certificate and firewalls to secure user data, and granting the ability to users to remove and delete their data at any time, are crucial steps.

Our Solutions for GDPR

We are a company specialized in information security and can help you comply with the GDPR law. We can assess your online store to detect any tools and software that are not GDPR compliant and help you make the necessary changes. Our services include amending aspects in which deviation from the GDPR law is found, and reviewing the legal texts to ensure compliance. By letting us take care of the technical and legal aspects of your online store, you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

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